The Quality Inn West Edmonton is proud to support our Military & First Responders some of whom have suffered tremendous trauma.  We welcome the Courageous Companions and other groups such as Dog's with Wings who provide Training and Certification for Service Dogs and their handlers.

Service Dogs are not pets and as such have free access to all public areas of the hotel including the restaurant and where food is being served.  This access is under the Service Dog Act and is punishable by significant fines if denied access.  Service Dogs wear vests and owners may be asked to provide a certification card which they must always have on their person.

Service Dogs are not charged pet fees and can stay in any room in the hotel.  Animals that are for comfort or are companions and are NOT Certified do not fall under the legislated category of Service Animals in Canada and will be treated as pets. 

 Pets or Comfort Animals are not certified and will be charged a pet fee and must be registered in a pet room.  Pets found in non-designated pet  rooms will be charged a cleaning fee of $250 minimum.